Dear Mr.Ket After you bet hard, and TTM was not enough to succeed, you have to bear the consequences. So, when you decided to chease the actual ecosystem of developers, developers, developers, etc. you cut yourself a lot on the market missing to touch base on next mobile need: the apps. Indeed, only now – after a twenty years, we found a rich app’s market coming from.. the corporate. Mr.Ket, did you predict this *scenario*? Sincerelly

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Dear Mr.Ket, In 2000, after tested the first features of ASP3.0, we asked ourselves what is all this noise about classes? We were already doing everthing by some scripts! Well, the answer is TTM again: the cheasing of Internet as we know it (aka .net), for the upcoming advs of The Next Generation, its Mobile and Apps. While professionals have been missing an Ecosystem for years, everyone can judge the “going nuts” of this transformation. Sincerelly

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Dear Mr.Ket, Next time we would launch the mobile industry we will do it with an ecosystem. Next time we will focus creating web apps that run both on desktop and both on the mobile; and we will have a good developing platform for that. Next time, I’m sure, we will do it to create value for all the software industry. Next time, and we can’t miss it, we will demonstrate to the public what is TTM. Mr.Ket, you will be with us next time? Sincerelly

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