Dear Mr.Ket, Babbage called his [human] workers “computers”; indeed from the short of “computation”, “comput” he added the suffix “er” to enphatize the automation factor in their action. Well, if there is no better rappresentation of its nature than the Babbage’s computer why, I ask you, we should sacrify this obvious research of shorting the Time to Market that distinguish the IT products? Waiting for your feedback, Sincerelly

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Quality Improvements


Dear Mr.Ket, Today I want to disquise about class work. And I mean, given a certain SORT prb, 1) At the university, they ask an alghoritm of max of 15 lines, in 15 min (for 15 people) ; 2) RAD allowed you to type .sort() after the object name; 3) A scripting language gives away the function sort(). Mr Ket, Time To Market or *Quo problem*, if after RAD we lose also The Scripts.. are we ready for the magical *15 moment*? Sincerelly

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Dilbert on the beach


Today, I want to talk with you about 5 Mode! It is a nice company and they said me a couple of interesting stuff. . Ops! (Sorry.. the sun cream broke under my belly!) ..interesting stuff like they believe in having joined.. the *Time to Market movement*. I said them “What? How to spell it?”, and they said me “Yes, the TTM movement and not really a certain OOP doctrine,a cool Big Data index or the famous IOT. More and more trendy!”.

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